Class Timetable


The classes, days and times listed are those currently operating but with the Covid19 restrictions still in place these are also subject to change at short notice.

You will need to contact me using one of the methods set out below to Book your Place on All classes except, of course, the Sunshine Yoga Live Video sessions.


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Sunshine Yoga Live Video Classes are held via my invitation only group on Facebook.

Tuesday at 6pm is the Strength & Tone class

Thursday at 5pm is the Spinal Flow & Balance class

The video is also posted to Facebook following the class and as such is viewable again at any time after that

Whilst this group is invitation only, if you would like to be a member please contact me

Please Note (for insurance purposes): Participation in my Facebook class is at your own risk and subject to and governed by English Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales.


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Bodies Fitness Class

Presently I have just one group fitness class which is via Zoom on a Thursday at 3pm

My Strength Classes are personal to you and your household and are held on Zoom at a convenient time.  

Using Zoom is necessary so I can see you are practising safely and gaining the maximum benefit in the minimal time.   To book trial session just call or message me on 07960 962662 and I can set one up for you FOR FREE!!


Anne Harrison practicing a seated yoga position outdoors

Outdoor Group Yoga Classes; 'Spaced Out Yoga'

These classes are held in open spaces where we can spread out in accordance with social-distancing rules - Please take a look at the Government Guidance applicable from the 17th May 2021.

These 'Spaced Out' Yoga classes will run on Monday's at 5.30pm in the grounds of the Ilkley Lido until further notice.  Everyone is welcome.

What better way to liberate yourself from lockdown and enjoy Summer

Book your place in the class now by calling Anne on 07960 962662


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One 2 One Classes; Garden or Indoors

The times and venue or option to have video are all to suit you.  It can be in your garden, an appropriate open space, in your home, in my studio or via zoom or other video link.

The class content will be devised to provide you with the experience you are looking for based on conversations we will have in advance.


Prices & Payment

All group yoga classes, including Sunshine Yoga and Outdoor yoga, are on the same price basis.  You decide what you are willing to pay based on the value of the class to you!  All I ask is that you bear in mind classes were previous charged at £11 per person.

Payment should be made by direct bank transfer after you have attended a class.  I will provide my banking details at your request.

All other classes are priced in consultation with you.


Please call, text or email for more information about yoga, fitness, my timetable or anything else.  

 email:    call/text: 07960 962662



For all limited numbers group classes I have a 24 hour Cancellation policy.

This is important to make sure that we have not prevented others from attending.


All cancellations should be made by text to 07960 962662 or e mail to

For any last minute changes please call me, or if you have any questions I am always pleased to help.


Thank you