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Welcome to Bodies Yoga & Fitness including Anne's Sunshine Yoga (Ilkley)

I hope you are all well and managing life in our present extraordinary situation.

Like most businesses I have been hit hard by the Corona Virus, no more classes, no more personal visits, no more yoga!!  I had to adapt quickly or lose my clients and business, so I did.


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Sunshine Yoga was born as a ‘by invitation’ group using live video sessions on Facebook and ‘One 2 One’ sessions moved onto live Zoom.  OK we had some technology and internet connection issues but, when they were solved, we found ourselves enjoying the new look.



Picture of Anne Harrison of Bodies Yoga practicing a yoga posture outdoors


  With the easing of lockdown I started some group outdoor sessions and these have been a regular feature at the Ilkley Lido, well at least in the warmer weather. Unfortunately with the lastest Covid19 restrictions and the advent of Winter weather these sessions are now on hold!


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Bodies fitness classes also moved on to live video, including weights sessions.  Amazing what you can do when you need to!


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What are the NEW Yoga classes?


Restarting from scratch made me reconsider how to present my sessions so that I could maintain freshness and vitality whilst giving my clients the type of Yoga they were looking for.  So, the two sessions a week Sunshine Yoga format was born.  It is still Dru Yoga but with my signature on it!  The sessions alternate between ‘Strength and Tone’ and ‘Spinal Flow’ and these both incorporate the type of movements that ‘everyone’ can get to grips with. Tuesdays at 6pm and Thursdays at 5pm.


The outdoor group classes are, as mentioned above, are normally held at the Ilkley Lido grounds at 5.30pm on a Monday but are now on hold until both the Covid19 restrictions and weather allow them to restart.


Yoga One 2 One and Fitness sessions have largely retained their original format. The sessions, (for 1 person or 1 household) are presently held on Zoom or FaceTime. Whichever method you choose these sessions are organised at times to suit you.


Full Classs Timetable and Prices- here


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The future?

Right now I intend to carry on with these new formats and where I can I will expand them to both give more of my clients opportunity to join in as well as bringing in new clients.  All new clients will have to take part in at least one One 2 One session before they can join a group class so that we can properly deal with all health and safety matters. I can also help with advice on many of the technology issues you might face.


When Covid19 restrictions allow I will once more start to offer indoor classes for individuals and groups.  Just keep in touch so that you don't miss out!


The payment policy for the group online and outdoor classes is that you decide what value you place on the class (bearing in mind last charged prices were £11 per session) and transfer that amount direct to my account after the class.


I feel reinvigorated by these changes and hope that you can join me to enjoy some of the same.



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